Everything You Need to Know about Naturopathy and Haptonomy

Naturopathy and haptonomy use nature to form bases of treatment and contacts of communication. Find out how.


Naturopathy medicine, or simply known as naturopathy, is a form of alternative medicine that combines a wide range of natural, self-healing, and non-invasive practices. Unlike modern, non-pseudoscientific methods, which employ evidence-based medicine, naturopathy is purely based on folk medicine and vitalism. Put simply, naturopathy is drugless and considers food as medicine and nature as the greatest healer.

Things You Need to Know About Naturopathy

  • What separates naturopathy and other systems is that the former is based on holistic treatment, while other systems, including other alternative forms, use a specific approach. Put simply, you should treat your body as a whole and not just particular organs.
  • All diseases plus their causes and treatment are treated holistically. All these factors are one.
  • With naturopathy, acute conditions can be self-healed by the body. Chronic diseases, on the other hand, are a result of the suppression and the wrong treatment of critical illnesses.
  • The primary cause of diseases is not viruses or bacteria. In naturopathy, the primary factor in diseases is the morbid matter. With that said, you should eliminate the morbid matter from the body during treatment.
  • In other forms of treatment, the diseases are treated, while in naturopathy, the patient is treated.
  • Naturopathy doesn’t use your every other day medicine. Also, there is no diagnosis in naturopathy.
  • According to naturopathy, nature is the greatest healer and the body can prevent itself from diseases and regain total health if it’s unhealthy.

Importance of Naturopathy

Naturopathy, together with other diagnostic tools, can help physicians know which health condition you’re suffering from. One such naturopathy method is when physicians analyse the iris to tell the nature of different and various body parts. This method is known as Iris-Diagnostic.

The right side of the iris represents the left part of the body, and vice-versa. The colour and markings of your iris determine which condition you’re suffering from.

One other method is Facial-Diagnostic, which can tell if your body has impurities, waste products, and toxins. This gives the idea about the diseases and explains the best form of treatment.

Hydrotherapy, which is the treatment of diseases through water, fasting, and diet, can all help cure certain diseases. Bear in mind there are three types of naturopathic diets, namely soothing diet, eliminative diet, and constructive diet. Mud, sauna, sun, steam, and foot bath are forms of naturopathy medicine. Hot, cold water effusions, reflexology, colon irrigation, massage, and physiotherapy treatments, such as electrotherapy and exercise therapy, are other forms of naturopathic treatment.


Haptonomy is often described as the science of affectivity and is the ability of human beings to communicate through a combination of feelings, thoughts, and words. It’s worth noting that just like in Unibet where you use your feelings about certain games and their outcomes, you need to listen to your deep thoughts when communicating with other people. Take, for example, when talking to your loved ones, you should listen to their words as well as use your thoughts and feelings to know what they want and what they expect from you.

This deeper level of communication starts before birth when babies are still in their mother’s womb. But how does this benefit the unborn baby and the mother? For babies, they’ll grow healthy in the womb and even after birth. They’ll have less gastrointestinal and weight problems, have higher IQs, and better verbal, attention and perception skills. You and your baby have an instructive urge to establish a contact of communication so that you should have fewer problems during delivery. If you’re the father, start communicating with the child in your partner’s womb, so that they should love and obey you once they’re born. You can communicate with your unborn baby by putting your hands on the bare stomach of your spouse. For ladies, simply relax and talk to your unborn child through feelings and thoughts. Learn to listen to them and reply by moving your fingers across your tummy.