About Us

There are so many people that are now becoming pro-active with their health needs. This is causing a large number of them to look for alternatives that are based on natural approaches. This is what has led us to create a website that will offer some options to people who fit into this category.

There are many different choices that are available to those who want a natural approach to health. We decided to focus on two that are very effective. These are haptonomy and naturopathy. Some may be a little more familiar with naturopathy but have never heard about haptonomy before.

This is another reason why we wanted to create a website that included this.


This is an interesting topic and something that many people practice without even realizing it. It is often called the “loving touch.” It is a natural instinct for parents to touch their children in a loving way. The same is applicable among partners or those that they have some type of affection for. One of the problems that have arisen however is that the practice of touch is not used as much anymore because of the hectic lifestyles that many people live.

Haptomony takes this process a step further and encourages it to be used by both Mom and Dad. The big difference is that it is done before the birth of the child. There are some proven advantages to this and techniques that are used by both parents. Throughout our website, we have focused on providing information such as:

  • Everything that should be known about haptomony.
  • How fathers are being so receptive to this and what it means to them.


Another important segment of our website that we really wanted to bring attention to was naturopathy. To us, we believe it is something that can truly benefit those who want to take control of their health and well being. A lot of people have heard about this but don’t have a true understanding of it. Once they learn more about it then they are keen on incorporating it into their lifestyle. Some of the topics that we have focused on include:

  • The benefits this type of medicine offers
  • Choosing the right naturopathic professional

Both of these options are excellent choices. For the expecting parents, Haptomony gives them a new and beneficial approach to creating important bonds with their baby. For those who want a natural approach to medicine they have some options.

Hopefully what we have created for you here will enhance your life.